Welcome to Wild KPOP! (BTS Meme-pedia, Meet QPark, and more)

Welcome to Wild KPOP! (BTS Meme-pedia, Meet QPark, and more)

Hiyaaaa QSquad!

Welcome to the Wild KPOP online shop! After much blood, sweat and tears (get it? haha okey maybe not) we are proud to announce the debut of the shop!

What to expect?

In the upcoming weeks we will be adding more Kpop designs as well as a BTS MEME-pedia!  Get involved in creating this awesome library of BTS memes by leaving links and meme information down below!

QPark’s Toight Merch line will also be expanded plus one-on-one meet opportunities and flash merch give aways! Sign up for email notifications to find out when you can win a chance to meet and be in a video with QPark!

Online Kpop shop is only shipping to USA for the moment BUT one of our main goals is to expand shipping internationally! Let us know if this is something you’ll be waiting for! Let’s make the dream come true!

Don’t see a design you would love to wear?

This is a website brought from one Army to another, we value your input and time! So if you have a suggestion for a design you would absolutely love to wear, please leave a comment down below!

Let’s create a community for Army to wear and share BTS memes, news and much more!


BTS Nominated for iHeartRadio Music awards 2018!

BTS Nominated for iHeartRadio Music awards 2018!

BTS ARMY & EXO-Ls get ready to vote!

Great News!  BTS and EXO have both been placed among the nominated artists for the ‘2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards’!

This exciting event will be held in Los Angeles’s The Forum on March 11, 2018. Place the date on your calendar IMMEDIATELY!  The KPOP giants BTS and EXO nominated for “Best Boy Band”. Their fan bases (A.R.M.Y & EXO-Ls) were also nominated for “Best Fan Army”!

In order for the KPOP groups to win their awards, ARMY & EXO-Ls must go on iHeartRadio.com/awards and vote! Furthermore ARMY & EXO-Ls will be able to vote during the event for ‘Best dressed’ and ‘Best Performances’!

So mark the date and get ready to vote for your favorite KPOP groups!