Hella Thicc (Green)




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This fun Hella Thicc tote green design is the perfect tote bag for a BTS memes lover! Inspired from the on going meme about the Hella Thick line from the lyrics BTS – Mic Drop remix Ft. Steve Aoki & Designer! This awesome design is only available in the BTS website Wild Kpop, so get yours now!

What does the BTS Memes ‘Hella Thicc’ mean?

This innocent meme refers to something that is extra thick. For example in the BTS lyrics, they are asking “have you seen my bag?” in which they answer “It’s hella trophies and it’s hella thick.” From this line the internet took off like wild fire creating memes after memes in which the line applied to. Some meme users began using the double ‘c’ at the end because it added an extra funny element to the joke!

Support and show off your love for BTS with this awesome Tote bag!

Product details:

  • 100% cotton canvas
  • 22″ handles
  • Size 14 1/2″ x 15 1/2″
  • As design allows, totes are available in black & white.
  • Design: Hella Thicc


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