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As BTS fans we absolutely enjoy this meme and HAD to find a way to wear it with style! Suga of course being the fashion god he is has made it possible for us to complete our goal with this Infires Kpop apparel!

Where does the meme come from?

This Infired Kpop apparel shirt is a play off of the running Suga meme! The meme was created during an interview for Kcon USA in 2014. As the leader and most fluent English speaker of BTS, RM (then Rap Monster) asked him what inspires him in which Suga replies “Infires? ” Completing the meme, Jungkook follows this up with “Infires man! Yeah!”. Furthermore, the video can be watched here.

Are you infired?

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Product details:

  • 100% cotton canvas
  • 22″ handles
  • Size 14 1/2″ x 15 1/2″
  • As design allows, totes are available in black & white.
  • Design: Words ‘Infired’ Art: A stencil of Suga (Yoongi) face


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