Toight Beanie




Toight QPark Beanie

Get this super TOIGHT QPark beanie to represent the Q Squad!

Get to Know QPark !

QPark has been spreading fearlessness in the streets of NYC for over 4 years with his awesome pranks, scares and skits. Recently he has taken over Youtube with his singing in public and dancing in public stunts! Gathering over 30 millions views in under half a year, his QSquad has grown to a size not even he could imagine! Find him singing and dancing all over the place in his social media accounts Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Meme origin:

The word toight is a play off the famous ‘Austin Powers Goldmember’ film. A character describes someone’s fitness as ‘Toight like a toiger’. During the filming of an old vlog in 2016 this line was brought up as a joke. Which resurfaced during a reaction video in 2017. Since then the line has stuck as a meme and a Q Park staple.

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