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With multiple selections of BTS merchandise and Kpop Merchandise you can update your wardrobe and show the world your sense of humor while representing your favorite Kpop group! Try out our super soft Kpop style clothes in our Kpop merchandise online store!



About Wild Kpop & BTS Merchandise

We are committed to providing the best products to all of our customers. Specially by bringing quality KPOP & BTS  merchandise designed by two KPOP lovers to all other fans! We know the importance of truly being fans and understanding our favorite members! This of course includes keeping up with related memes and events! At Wild KPOP you will find that both hold equal importance with our shop and BTS updates which include BTS memes, BTS rumors and KPOP rumors. Being able to wear KPOP merchandise that includes the members fun quirks was our dream and we finally realized it!

Why Wild KPOP Merch?

Dressing up fashionably, representing your favorite KPOP group without effort is made easy with Wild KPOP merchandise. Wild KPOP was created by two ARMY who understand that not all available merchandise can be worn everywhere. We wanted to figure out a way of getting rid of this problem! So we did!

Here’s how!

We first chose items that are comfortable, soft and high in quality! Above all, wearing comfortable top of the line clothing like shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies is our priority. We know longevity is key to accessory products like BTS Cups and BTS Totes.

Then we chose memes that resonate with our favorite members and that we just can’t get enough of. As dedicated fans, we carry on the process by creating designs that we would wear and rock to any event!

Once we have completed our designs, we field test them all! We print multiple versions of the products and take them out to the streets. We also make sure that all of the inks are of the highest quality possible as we want the BTS designs on all of our products to last forever (or as close as it can get!).

It’s a lifestyle choice!

The BTS merchandise line is about a lifestyle! Whether you are carrying your books in BTS tote bag or drinking your favorite tea in a BTS mug, you are making a statement about your dedication and love for KPOP and BTS!